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Our range of flexible insurance solutions are designed to protect you and your loved ones, and safeguard your futures.


icon-protected China Taiping Insurance (Singapore)

Live a fullest life knowing you are well protected.


icon health

Focus on your recovery with complete peace of mind.


icon wealth

Build your wealth. Preserve your legacy.


icon-life-home China Taiping Insurance (Singapore)

Safeguard the future of your family at different life stages.

Infinite Series

icon infinite

Designed for the successful and customised for the premier.


icon bonds

Ease your financial burden in the event of payment default

Business Packages

icon business packages

Ensure an uninterrupted business


icon casualty

Protect your business against loss of property, damage or other liabilities


icon engineering

Safeguard the risks against unexpected ongoing industrial projects

Financial Lines

icon financial lines

Mitigate and minimise your financial risks


icon marine

Safeguard against risks in the shipping trade

Medical & Health

icon medical health

Take care of your employees well-being

Property Insurance

icon property

Stay ahead of risks and protect your property

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What’s New

Infinite Legacy

Infinite Legacy

A single premium whole life plan designed to preserve and grow the wealth you have built.

Product Launches

Travel Safe Promotion

Travel Safe Promotion

Enjoy 40% off Single Trip or 30% off Annual Travel when you purchase online today.


Corporate Video

Corporate Video

China Taiping Singapore corporate video encapsulates our values, services and history.


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